Still working on the AV

Posted on September 26, 2001 by knittingpatterns4you | 0 Comments

Still working on the AV sweater. It's gotten pretty cold here in Central PA, and the heating isn't working. My puppy, Pepper, has been shivering! The poor baby has to walk barefoot on the cold wooden floors. He's been wearing his sweater that I made him inside! Today I added sleeves to go over his front legs so that the sweater can warm him up even more. He looks absolutely adorable in his sweater! Hopefully the heating will kick in sometime this week, Chilli (our hedgehog) will go into hiberation and die otherwise!!!!

[knitting: AV sweater and Pepper's sweater]
[crocheting: nothing]
[fos: none]
[wim's: aother sweater for Pepper, hopefully a blue and white one to show our Penn State Pride!]

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