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Matt went with me to the Sewing Academy, a yarn store in Pine Grove Mills, today! And he actually said, "Don't you want to look around some more?" when I said I was ready! AND he said, "Only one skein?" I guess he was in a good mood! =) Bought a set of size 7 DPN's (Plymouth Bamboos, which are SOOOO smooth! I like em!) and a skein of pretty yarn to make into a teddy bear for Matt's Mom for a Christmas present (she collects Boyds). I'm using the doll pattern from, changing it a little. Looks good! Of course the one skein is not enough, I got from the head to almost the bottom of the second foot, and then ran out. So I have to go back and get another skein.

Running out of yarn gave me an excuse to work on the square for the Phoenix Project using my new DPNs. Almost finished the sweater and decided to measure it. OF COURSE, it's way too big. Oh well. It looks good anyway. =(

[knitting: Matt's Mom's teddy bear, Phoenix Project afghan square]
[fos: none]
[wim's: clothes for the teddy bear?]

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