I have put aside that

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I have put aside that cool top because of the mistake on the shaping, and because I have this feeling it's gonna be too big. So yesterday, in between studying forever, I decided to pick up my AV sweater again, because it really is almost done. I'm looking at the back neck thinking, how much longer could there be on here? So I go to compare it to the front, and I'm thinking, "this looks very wide". The schematic says the entire neck opening should be 12" across, and I measured it, it was 14"!!! I know exactly where I made my mistake, too, so I just ripped out about 4" and knit the correct 2" onto the front. Then, luckily, it turned out that the back was the EXACT right size! So I joined and have worked about one inch of the shoulder. I have 2" more to go, then just the last sleeve!!!!! Which is especially great, because had I not ripped out those 2", I would not have enough yarn to finish, and that would be a disaster! So I'm really happy about that.

I started working on the Market Bag from Summer 2001 Knitters, except I'm making it all in one color (a nice variegated blue). Entrelac is harder than I thought, but not impossible. My biggest problem came because I'm using only one color, and the pattern is written for different colors for each tier, so they do not really work, as the yarn tail gets in the way. So I just cut the yarn after every tier, and now it's working! I've never felted anything before, so I will be very excited to watch the transformation! And now that my 3rd and final exam of the week (SHEESH) is over, I can go back to knitting! Who knows, I may have the sweater done this weekend! woohoo!

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