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The KnitU list is having a big discussion on shawls and how great they are, so I decided to make one for myself! I very quickly whipped out a shawl in a day and a half, using the Lily Chin pattern from last summer's Knitters, and LB WoolEase Thick & Quick. It'll be nice and warm to wear around the house, but I doubt I'll ever wear it outside, unless I dye it, because it is white and a tad ugly, really. But it sure is warm! And it feels good to finish something! So I got on a finishing kick and went and FINALLY steam blocked Matt's Harry Potter scarf, so that is finally finished, too. It is amazing what steaming Red Heart will do to the fabric, it makes it more stretchy, softer, and thinner! Feels much better, and doesn't take very long. So now Matt has a hat and scarf set, finally, AND he's wearing them! Woohoo!

[knitting: the AV sweater]
[fos: the quick shawl, Matt's scarf and matching hat]
[wim's: what I really have in mind is FINISHING things!]

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