Yesterday Matt said to me,

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Yesterday Matt said to me, "So did you ever finish that sweater?" and I said, "Which one?" -- his reply? "ANY of them???"

So I've picked the AV sweater up again, and am determined to finish the last 22" of sleeve, so that I can finally finally FINALLY actually finish this thing. I mean it's really not been THAT long, but it's been way longer than necessary. And it's all because I don't think I have enough yarn to finish. I picked it up with the whole sleeve left to do, with only under 3 skeins of yarn left, when the first sleeve took about 4 skeins, so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna run out. What I realized is that I can go and steal some yarn out of the cowl, and use that for the rest of the sleeve, and just make the cowl less dramatic! So now I'm really plugging away, and I'll probably have it finished tonite. After jumping back in, I've already finished 3 of the 5 increase repeats, so am beyond the halfway point. It really is almost done! yeah!

I think the market bag was a bad idea, it is such a waste to do all the work of entrelac with just one color! Feels like I'm making myself do needless stuff, and giving myself a needless headache. So I think I'm changing gears, going to go in one of two directions: Either keep the idea of a felted bag, and just make one the sane way (just like a big hat), OR scrap that idea completely and make the yarn into a hat and scarf set for my sister. There is definitely enough yarn (I think). . . we'll decide that when the time comes, though. For now, back to the sweater!

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[wim's: what to do with that wool????]

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