So I found someone to

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So I found someone to sell me an extra skein of the wool, thank you so much Maggie!!! It should be here in a few days, then I can finally finish that sweater! I will be extremely relieved when I finish it, let me tell you.

I also finished that hat I had started, but it turned out too "shallow" so I had to make another one because I really wanted a Penn State hat to wear to the game this past weekend. It turned out it wasn't cold at all, so I didn't need it, but now I have a nice hat! Though the second one is too shallow, too, it is wearable. I made it blue with a white stripe, and the letters "PSU" written in duplicate stitch on the white with blue. It looks very professional! I can't wait to wear it. Hopefully it will be warm enough, it is made in flimsy Red Heart but I did use two strands so that should help.

I played around with designing a reversible cable scarf, and actually got a pretty good design going. I wrote it all down and took pictures of it, so I will post it here when it gets written up and developed/scanned. Unfortunately I got bored with it and am not planning on finishing it.

Instead, I am working on a hat and scarf set for my sister who is currently freezing in Boston. I'm using that 100% wool that was going to be the market bag, and I like the way it's turning out. I'm going to make it double thick (like 2 hats, one inside the other), and I'm using a ribbing pattern where you rib one row then work the other row in st st. This is producing a very nice fabric! It's making me think "perfect for a sweater." Too bad I am going to have to wait on that, I have way too many WIPS right now.

I also just got the Vogue winter edition, and there are some cool things in there! I really want to make the cover sweater, the hooded aran, and one of the color blocked sweaters (all for myself!!!). Also the sweater which has a pinned front looks really cool! I love this issue! Of course, I still have a list of sweaters from the LAST Vogue that I planned on making! So we'll see how much gets done out of that. . . ah, dreaming of knitting. Is there anything better?

[knitting: my sister's hat]
[fos: none]
[wim's: oh, only about, roughly, 12 sweaters?]

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