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After playing at Loop-d-Loop for a while, I've decided to make myself one of her "neck pieces" that she calls a cowl. I wouldn't call it a cowl, to me a cowl is a neckline that looks like an oversized turtleneck, but I don't know what to call it. It's sorta like an oversized dikey that you wear over your clothes? Anyway, I'm already almost half-way done with it! I'm using Lamb's Pride Bulky (thank you again Alison H. for the yarn!), and size 10 needles. I started at the neck, and worked one of those open-down-one-side w/ buttons turtlenecks, in k4 p1 ribbing. Now I'm on the shoulder/chest part, gotta figure out the increases. I need this to cover my upper chest so that when I'm wearing v-necks the wind doesn't go right down my shirt. I'm so excited for this! It's gonna be the most-worn winter accessory in my closet, that's for sure. I'll probably make myself more of them if it works out. I bet Mel would like one, too. And they're easy! Oh maybe someone would like the pattern . . . gotta see about writing it up. I wouldn't want to sell it because it's based so closely on a Loop-d-Loop design of Teva's, and I respect Teva and her work a lot. I wouldn't profit from her idea. I wonder if it would be bad to even give the pattern away? I guess she would be making less money, because she DOES sell just the pattern for these cowls (at $10 a pattern). . . though mine is different than hers b/c it buttons up. Wow this is a tough one. If you have an opinion, email me at Thanks.

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