So even though the hat

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So even though the hat doesn't fit, I decided to make a scarf out of the rest of the yarn. I've settled on moss stitch over 22 sts on size 10 needles. This is a much narrower scarf than my usual, so I will probably get more wear out of it. ;o) Besides, where's the fun in making the same thing repeatedly? There's only so much fun you can have with a scarf, might as well vary it up a bit. My wrist has been bothering me lately, will be wearing my brace to work so I can get some time in on it.

On Wednesday I was inpired to knit by discovering that one of the girls I know in my FIN classes knits! She wears a different scarf every day practically, and I commented on it, and she said, "yeah I get bored so I make them!" So we had a nice discussion about crafty people in college, turns out she knows tons of them. I'm so excited! It figures, though, that in January of my last semester here I would meet someone else who knits/crafts, after trying for so freakin' long. Sigh.

Oh yeah! Found out about another knitting blog, and this time through the Knitlist (hum, wonder why no one replied when I put out a call for knit blogs?). Check out the Blog at Yarnaholic Confessions, Use it or. . .

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