The more random effects of strikes . . .

Posted on January 28, 2003 by knittingpatterns4you | 0 Comments

I'm sure most of us remember how a few months ago, ports on the west coast were closed due to a strike. Well aparently, stuck on those docks was a large shipment of knitting needles, which only now are finally making their way into LYSs. Beth of Handknits says that the ones that are hardest to find are the larger sizes, the ones new knitters are using on fancy yarns (I think she said 10.5+). Today I went to the other store and tried to get a size 15 24" circular but they didn't have one, so I got a 16 incher instead. When I asked when he expected to get them in, he said the supplier told them to expect them later this week, that the order took longer due to the ports thing. Isn't that a weird thing to think of?

So now I'm using the 16 inch 15's to make a felted bag. I already dislike such large needles, let alone in a shorter length. I'll go back next week to get a longer circ.

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