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Check out the Fuzzy Feet Page. Theresa should be very proud! It's gotta be the best compliment to a designer to see her pattern done by so many. I'm wearing my feet right now, pretty much haven't taken them off since I finished felting them!

The plowers came and went, and there's already 2" more on the ground. The neighbor's kids are skiing down our driveway!

Ordered some yarn from Blackberry Ridge, one skein of their handpainted yarn for socks, their sample pack, and a shawl pattern. The ASOF list is working on getting a lace knit-along going and I want to join in!

Forgot to metion that I also got the new VK on Saturday. Some of the designs, as usual, are "What were they thinking?" type things, but there are a few I want to make. I liked the Teva Durham bobble and lace v-neck (I usually like most everything she does), Gabrielle Hamill's open-front tank in Cotton Fine (too bad I have a chest, have to make that for one of my lesser-endowed friends), Rebecca Rosen's open diamond-pattern top (which I'm picturing as a coverup for summer), and Lucie Sinkler's Fixation tank (planning on making this one first). Everyone has already pointed out how ridiculous the lace pants are -- my comment is: haven't we seen these pants in every pattern mag from the 70's? Waste of paper if you ask me.

Of to run the ring, hope you're all safe from the blizzard!

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