Mail call!

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Mail call! The Jaeger Aqua that I got cheap on eBay arrived today, as did the Blackberry Ridge order. First, the Aqua is a great color, even better than I expected -- it's what I call "army" green, but paler. I'm gonna definitely keep it for myself, and make a light spring/summer sweater, possibly with baby cables or some simple lace details. The Blackberry Ridge samples are great, they send several feet of the handpainted lines and about 6" of everything else, clearly labeled. I'm gonna order more from them at some point, I can tell. The handpainted DK wool is gorgeous, I got the watermelon colorway and the greens are just to die for -- already wound it into a ball but will just sit and look at it for now, I want to try to finish the red sock before starting yet another. Finally, the shawl pattern is perfect: I got the "Concert in the Park" pattern, after looking through about a zillion shawls online. I like the geometric, non-girly, non-frilly/cheesey look, and will definitely be doing it. I even like the title, it makes me think of my favorite Simon and Garfunkel CD. Currently wanting to make it in a deep, deep navy blue, but won't be ordering the yarn quite yet.

Finished the front of the Davos funnelneck, sewed the shoulder seams and did the neck. It's laying out to block right now, only I have no desire to cast on for the sleeves. I am exhausted from work and feeling really run down. All week I've felt only half awake, and with everything at work happening at the same time, it feels like I'm being pulled in 4 directions at once. Add in the hassle of dealing with Verizon (it's not only economics majors who think monopolies are BAD!) -- I've spent like 15 hours on the phone with them over the last 2 weeks, most of that time on hold, of course. GRR makes me so pissed. Thankfully by Monday we'll hopefully be in our new office, with plenty of space. AND since I'm away this weekend visiting Adam, I don't have to help move [insert evil muahaha laugh here].

I think I'm going to sleep early tonight again. Maybe Adam will give me a shoulder rub when I see him. Hope you all have a good weekend, I probably won't post till Sunday night.

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