I'm exhausted. I think I'm

Posted on February 22, 2003 by knittingpatterns4you | 0 Comments

I'm exhausted. I think I'm sick, in a flu-like way.

Today's yarn shop shift was pretty great, especially when the three FIT students came in and spent 2 hours looking for the perfect yarns for their senior projects. I had a great time looking at their sketches and planning details with them. I'm too tired right now to relate all of it, maybe tomorrow.

Needless to say I called Adam and told him I'm not going up tonight. I'm so tired I'd just drive up there and proceed to fall asleep, what's the point?

Got yarn for two tanks, Berroco Flax to make this lacy top, only I bought it in cream. I also got Zen in a burgundy/pink/orange colorway for a tank. And also the new Jaeger book. I am aparently the new store joke for buying too much yarn. (which is fine with me, I think it's funny)

Gonna sit on the couch and knit for the a few hours. So tired.

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