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Finished one side of the Zen tank, the idea to use a simple dropped stitch element has grown and now I'm actually designing a concept, which will be good/unusual enough to write up the pattern. I'd submit it to Knitty but I don't know when the Summer issue is due out and frankly I don't want to wait. I'll probably have it done by tonight and write the pattern this week. I plan to wear it to work at the yarn shop on Saturday and bring the pattern with me.

I have to say that while I like working with this yarn and it produces a gorgeous fabric, winding it is a royal PITA if you don't have a swift. I wound only the first skein at the store, so when I had to start another one I went to use my winder-and-knees method. The ribbon got so twisted so fast that I had to switch to winding by hand, and even then it still got ridiculously tangled as the loops came off my knees. For the third hank I have layed it around the back of a chair and am knitting from the hank, lifting the loops up as they're needed. It's keeping the ribbon from twisting as much but it takes much longer and means I can't move around as freely as I'd like.

Did about 5" of the Flax tank, the simple lace is too complicated to do while reading email or checking blogs b/c it includes slipping two sitches over a third, so I'll have to work on that one while vegging in front of the awards show tonight.

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