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I knew I was one skein short for the Davos sweater. I knew it. But I figured I could just make 3/4 length sleeves and then it'd work out. WELL, when I got to the sleeves, it really looked like I might be able to squeak by and make them full-legth. So I did. And I ran out of yarn 5 rows short on the second sleeve cap. That's, like, 10 yards short.

Ah, but before I got to this point: After finishing the first sleeve and doing half the second, I freaked out that I didn't have enough yarn b/c there was only one skein left, ripped it all out, and started to knit it from the top. A few rows in I stopped, and realized that the first sleeve had taken less than 2 skeins. So I didn't KNOW I'd run short. So I ripped it out again and started over from the bottom. Then I got to the above point, running out just as I was almost done.

SO I decided to rip out a few rows of the bottom of the first sleeve, to use to finish the second. BUT I realized that I didn't want "just a bit short" sleeves, cuz they'd look like I'd outgrown the sweater. I wanted it to look good. So I held the sleeve up and tried to gauge how short to go. I figured about 12 rows shorter would be good. So I ripped and ripped and ripped. Then I held it up again, wearing the front and back, to check. And at that point I realized that I hate the neck. It's huge.

WHICH MEANS: I could have just ripped out the neck and used that yarn for the end of the second sleeve. I'd have two full length sleeves and a decent neckline. Instead, I have one almost-done sleeve, one quarter-ripped-out sleeve, and a bad neckline. It's all sitting in a pile on the floor, and I'm letting the dog sleep on it b/c it's pissing me off. In a few days I should be able to look at it again.

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