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I am feeling pretty good despite a day that included a bunch of fairly shitty stuff. Work was alright except that I started feeling sick around 2 pm and by 3 I felt gross enough to want to go home, but I couldn't b/c I had to do some work for one of my bosses. So I stayed another hour, finishing up the work, only to find out that the person who was coming to pick it up couldn't make it until tomorrow. So I did the extra hour of work for nothing. GRR.

I did leave the office early and managed to make myself feel better through some retail therapy. Which leads to the two really awesome things that happened today: I found the BEST pair of yoga/pj pants at Victoria's Secret -- cropped length, drawstring waist, fitted but not tight with a flare at the bottom, and SO SOFT. Wonderful. The second thing is that it was seriously spring-like this afternoon, so I got to take off the winter shoes for the first time. Went shopping in flip-flops and just having my toes out made me feel better, even though my stomach's still aparently angry at me. Did get a few weird stares at my feet in several stores.

Decided to turn the weird-purple-heather Cascade 220 into the Heather Cardigan from A Season's Tale -- and Bonne Marie's making the same thing! It's coming along quickly, I have about half the back done so far after only starting yesterday. I am continuously amazed at how far each skein of Cascade 220 travels (I guess 220 yards will do that for you). I love the texture it makes, but I'm not all that fond of this color. I may dye it after it's done if I can't pull off wearing it.

Looks like we're getting snow tomorrow. If my stomach hasn't settled down by then I am calling in sick. I need a day off anyway.

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