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My prof wrote me back and said she'll let me do extra work, two papers, and then I should pass. So I will be gone for the next few days, probably.

ETA: Just got back from the library (where they got new cards that you can put on your keychain!) with a stack of Business Week's to look through for my paper. And for motivation, several older Knitters' and two books on colorwork knitting! I am NOT allowed to look at ANY of that until the paper is written and sent. Then I can look through the mags, then I must study for a few hours, THEN I can look some more at the books/mags. I am rewarding myself later (after I finish some studying and the paper) with some pizza, too. I wish there was good sushi to be had around here. Sigh. . . Central PA . . .

ETA again: Finished and emailed my paper, WOO! Except I just realized I MISSED FRIENDS! And didn't tape it! It was supposed to be a really funny one! GRRR

Looked through the first one of the books, it's called "The Complete Book of Traditional Fair Isle Knitting" and explains the origins of Fair Isle, as well as traditional methods. It has TONS of charts! I think I may make myself a pair of fair isle gloves. . .

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