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I've been comissioned by another OG host to make a blanket. He says he doesn't care what pattern or design, but I have only about a month and a half to finish it. When he asked, he said he wanted to pay me and I was like, "I have no idea what to charge you". He suggested $30 and I said fine, I figure that in terms of yarn, $30 will buy something pretty decent and I will be able to make myself something (right now I have in mind one of the Jaeger Cadiz bags that Jane (cucumberpatch) is selling on ebay). He is paying for the yarn and giving me the $30 on top of the price of the yarn. He said he'd spend as much as $50 on the yarn. . . while $30 is NOTHING for the amount of labor I will be doing, in terms of a blanket, $80 is a LOT! I know I wouldn't pay that much for a blanket. . . but then again I can knit. =) I suggested Encore for its easy care and color range, and affordable price. He picked out a nice blue and grey and ORANGE. Don't ask me, I thought it was team colors but when I asked him he said no, he just likes orange and blue. I had Molly order it today and she was shocked that I wanted orange! I told her it was team colors just so I wouldn't have to hear about it.So anyway, have cast on for the first square of the blanket. I've decided to make blocks as big as I can get out of one skein of the Encore using the blue and orange, then put a border on them with the grey and sew them together, alternating the colors. This way, I don't have to worry too much about anything really, and it'll be nice, soothing, mindless knitting. Using 10.5 needles is giving me a great, soft fabric and now I'm thinking I want one of these for myself!

Actually, if I'm going to make yet another afghan, I think it will have to be the cloisters afghan by Anne Grout. Done at 5 sts to the inch on size 5 needles with "jumper weight" Shetland wool, and at a finished "bed size," that is going to be one long-running project. . .

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