Today I finished Matt's Harry

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Today I finished Matt's Harry Potter scarf, it really didn't take me long at all. I used size 8 needles, and cast on a bunch of stitches (didn't count them, will count and post that later), then just worked straight stocking stitch all the way up, slipping the first stitch of each row to give a straighter edge. It was quite boring, but really didn't take long to do. Matt loves his scarf a LOT, which is good because he never wears winter stuff, always claiming he's not cold (yeah, right) or that it's too scratchy. So maybe he'll actually go out properly dressed now. Though he can't quite wear it yet because I have to weave in all those ends, and steam block. So in the meantime I'm going to cast on a matching hat, I have tons of the yarn left over. Anything to avoid weaving in ends and blocking, right?
I also finished 2 of the doxie sweaters, the purple one and the blue one. Actually the blue one still needs a sleeve added to it, but it's going well. I will be emailing the lady and asking for payment before I cast on the last one, don't want to end up with three sweaters and no money. ;o) It's been fun making these, but I really can't stand Red Heart. Yuck.

[knitting: AV sweater, a hat to match the HP scarf]
[fos: 2 doxie sweaters, HP scarf]
[wim's: I'm dreaming of Christmas stockings at the moment. . .]

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