Ok, so I really don't

Posted on November 01, 2001 by knittingpatterns4you | 0 Comments

Ok, so I really don't have enough yarn for that sweater. I've put out a call to the KnitU list and the KnitSwap list to try to get another skein or two of that 1824 wool, I am so mad!! I even bought an extra skein when I made the purchase. True, I was substituting yarn, but still! AHHHH! Hopefully someone will come through.
In the meantime I am on a hat kick. I finished that hat for matt and immediately had to make one for myself! I'm using yarn leftover from something else, and definitely won't have enough, so I'll put a nice thick stripe in the middle, with some other yarn. That should work out. =)

[knitting: hats]
[fos: nah]
[wim's: HATS!]

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