Finished my sister's double-thick hat,

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Finished my sister's double-thick hat, but I am NOT happy with it. It is not deep enough (ok do we see a trend here? I suppose it means I am impatient at knitting the hat body and want to get to the decreases ASAP), and there is not enough to fold up. I'm sure it's still going to be nice and warm for her, but I am not too happy with having to give her something I personally wouldn't wear.
I finished the knitting on the AV sweater. Started to sew up the seams, but realized I need to block it first b/c it's all ribbing and therefore is only like half as long as it should be in the body. So now instead of finishing the sweater it is marinating in the closet while I wait to block it. I only have one table that can be used for blocking at it is never visible under all the crap that's on it.

Decided to start working on Christmas present for the people that need presents. . . Mel will be getting a scarf and hat, probably, to match the mittens I already made. I may or may not make something for Matt's brother Jeff (he has requested a Harry Potter hat like the one I made for Matt), depends on how much of a jerk he's being at any particular time. My parents will not be getting anything handmade this year, because they just found out they're definitely moving to Brazil come June, so they would have no need for something warm. I suppose I could make them something in cotton or linen, but I don't have any of that, so it's not going to happen. I gotta use up the yarn I have, I have no money. Matt's mom will eventually be getting an afghan with the yarn she bought me a long time ago, but it probably won't be for Christmas. We're still not getting along so I'm not about to kill myself making her a present. Matt's dad? I was thinking of making him a sweater, but I probably don't have enough time, so he may just get a scarf. =)

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