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So, even though I have, oh, 30+ WIPs (that is, actively), and plenty of projects just almost finished, what did I decide I had to pick up today? The mohair blanket that I haven't touched in over a year. The same one I had decided to rip out, so I'd pulled the needle from it, oh, 5 months ago, so that I could use it on something else.

I took this monstrosity out of the closet so I could rip the yarn and wash it, planning to mix it in to my odds-n-ends rug for some consistency, when I realized JUST how much of this thing I've got finished here. It measures around 4' x 4', and it's warm and light at the same time. It's sort of ugly, in a "am I supposed to snuggle under that, or feed it?" kind of way, but after having just gotten a $400 heating bill, I think it could be a go. So I picked all the stitches back up onto the needle and I'm working away at it. I know I'm over half way done b/c the cone's looking rather slim.

This is definitely my most random project EVER. I bought the yarn at Stitches East 2001, for $7 from the WEBS booth. There are like 1200 yards of mostly mohair blend, it's a medium grey with multicolored flecks throughout. Knits up about worted weight, but I'm using size 11 needles, which is coming out around 3 sts/inch, with the extremely fuzzy mohair filling in the spaces. When I bought it, I wanted to make the VK Portrait sweater (the one that's got a chopstick through the front to pin it), but I made one sleeve and realized I'd sweat my butt off if I made a whole sweater out of it. So I made a pair of super-warm wristwarmers, then the cone sat there, waiting.

Then I was on Spring Break of 02, bored, at my parents house. I'd brought this thing to show my mom, and one day I just cast on a ton of stitches and started working a st st block with a garter border. Whenever I was bored I'd add a few stitches. Whenever I was between projects I'd pick it up. At one point a piece of the mohair flew off and into my eye, where it caused much pain and suffering over two days before I managed to get it out. Then I was mad at it and didn't touch it for months, then when I moved here I decided I hated it and put it in the closet -- haven't even looked at it in 4 months! Now it's my computer knitting, which we all know is the knitting that most gets done around here these days.

Oh, and there's a distinct possibility that I'm slightly allergic to this yarn.

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