Oh my.

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What a day. Worked 8-5 and officially started training to be a manager (woo!). However, the A/C stopped working again. So it was 90 degrees in the store the entire day. And if that wasn't bad enough, a couple of hours after opening, a plumbing problem in the mall caused water to come out of the toilet of its own volition, and since no one was in the stock room when it started, it kept pouring out for 10 minutes. By the time we noticed there was an inch of water over half the stock room, and I ended up cleaning it up. In 90 degree heat. I have callouses on the palms of my hands from the mop and squeegee/mop contraption I created to drag the water to the drain. Ugh.

On a brigther note, I get to take a mini vacation next weekend! We're going to Atlantic City overnight, because I got two days off back-to-back in preparation for the big fall rollout (yes we roll out fall in July) -- notice I'm using the two days not to rest up but to party up. ;o) Will be setting a gambling limit before leaving, don't worry.

And on a crazy note (cuz my life started to settle down there for about a week, didn't it?), found out today that I need to move out in two weeks, not three months. Slight difference there. So doing some serious apartment hunting when not at work. At least my parents are helping me look and are helping me with money to move. I seriously can't wait to live somewhere for more than a year. Over the last 4 years I've moved at least once a year. I'm sick of it.

Oh, and as for knitting?

I had started mostly-red (with bright colors mixedi in) socks over the Christmas holiday -- one sock got finished before the New Year, the other's been progressing slower than molasess or some such slow-moving substance. I decided to take it with me to work on during my break one day, and now, after many random 5-minute intervals, it's half-way down the foot! Should have it done by next week, considering my managers tend to arrive late to work every day if I happen to be the other opener (strange how that works out). And have one last row of squares on this strip of the purple blanket, that's been my computer knitting and it's going real fast. I seriously love this blanket. Can't wait to set up my new room with a new purple blanket for the bed!

Now off to sleep as I have to open yet again tomorrow.

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