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Hey everyone, I'm moving to TypePad (I'm sick of relying on Webcrimson's faulty system). Please update your bookmarks, my new URL is:

In knitting news, I finished the second sleeve of Heath and have the back almost done, only a few more rows to go before casting off the back neckline stitches. It's funny, but I'm not really bored with this thing at all, even if it is all stockinette, at 6 sts/inch, no interest anywhere. I have watched the entire first season of Law & Order on DVD, now I'm onto OZ (about half-way through the first season).

It seems a lot of the kblogging community is moving, both IRL and virtually. Good luck to everyone with all the changes! If you're like me, you still have boxes to unpack from the last time you moved . . .

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