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It's beautiful outside today! There are still clouds in the sky but it doesn't seem like it will rain today, after two weeks straight of monsoon weather. It's like 90 degrees and the sun is scorching hot, it even feels like summer. I think I'm headed down to the beach tomorrow.

Finished the back of Heath and have the front up to the waist. I have to go get size 3 circulars to work the collar, but I think I will have it done by the weekend. This working on only one project thing really works, huh?

I took a yoga class at my gym but with a teacher I've never had before, and we focused on warrior poses half the class. It felt great and I think I'm gettting the hang of it, I was demonstrating for my sister and she was impressed. This afternoon I'm going to my regular teacher's class, I haven't been able to make it to hers in forever and I miss her. I seriously love doing yoga, when my gym membership runs out in the winter I'm going to join a yoga studio instead of renewing my gym membership.

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