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Erm, what is it about Rowan patterns? Nearly every time I follow one of them, I get to a part, usually at the armhole/neckline shaping, where the directions make my head spin the way that only my economics textbooks from college ever could.

In Heath, this is the front shaping that made me wince:
"Working a further 4 eyelets in this way on every foll 8th row and working raglan and front opening decreases as now set, cont as folls:
Work 1 row.
Dec 1 st at front opening edge of 11th and 14th row and at same time dec 2 sts at raglan edge of next and foll 3 (4:5:6:7) alt rows, then on every foll 4th row."


Glad to report that I have finished the front. I did my trusty trick of writing each row down in shorthand, showing only the decreases and eyelets, and then checking each row off as I worked it. My system came in particularly handy for this top, since it says to "reverse shaping for other side" -- I just checked the row off a second time when working the other side.

Went out today and bought the size 3 needle I needed to do the collar, so I am planning on sewing up and blocking tonight, then doing the collar over the weekend. I need to look into options for the front neckline tie, I think it'd look cool with a strip of leather threading it.

I also took a trip down to Maplewood to Annie's LYS, Knit-and-Stitch. But I will post about them a little later. Suffice it to say that I bought more yarn. ;o)

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August 20, 2003

yeah, those Rowan patterns can be confusing. Makes me feel like I’ve only started knitting 2 days ago, and haven’t a clue.


August 16, 2003

I do the same thing with the short hand. Yeah, the written pattern is really tough sometimes. I like your new site. Good luck on the job.

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