Erm, new projects . . .

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How about I started two new projects instead of sewing up Heath. What a surprise.

I got some clearance (20% off) Gedrifra Florida, which is sportweight 50/50 cotton/acrylic blend, from Knit-and-Stitch on Friday. I'm making a tank top from a Rowan magazine, it has traingles that overlap as the top and has narrow garter stitch straps. The yarn is pale grey and almost looks silver, and it feels very nice. I am aparently on a size 5US needles kick, but don't ask me why because I can't explain it. I have the front done up to the bind off, and have the first triangle of the top part about half done. It's boring and good knitting for while I re-read OotF.

The other new project I started last night, inexplicably, at 11 pm. I didn't feel like knitting ANYTHING I had already going, so I got out the other new yarn I got at Knit-and-Stitch, Naturewool, and am making a secret something in a pretty all-over pattern. This one takes consentration but it is easy to figure out what you're doing after you do one pattern repeat. I've never done this stitch pattern before but I am enjoying it a lot, and the yarn is so pretty!

Started my new job on Monday so now I'm busy during the day. It's kind of weird to be doing 9-5 again, especially since I will be doing night shifts in a few weeks. I want to hang out at night with people but really can't justify going out and being tired at work, especially since we're still training. I'm supposed to watch movies with a friend tonight, maybe I will bring Heath to seam. . .

Guy I asked out on Friday hasn't called me but I did talk to him briefly on Monday. Doesn't seem to be going anywhere quite yet . . .

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