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I went to a street fair in Nyack today and got some cool stuff, including a pair of Chinese beaded slippers that I'd been wanting forever that you usually can only find in Chinatown. I'm wearing a new long comfy skirt right now with the slippers, I love soft comfortable clothes!

My really great score today was something else, though. At a garage-sale-like booth I found 9 full skeins of Alice Starmore (TM) yarn from the Tomato Factory days, along with the loose pattern for Marina! The pattern has 1898 on it, and includes written and charted instructions for the sweater or cardigan. It's obvious that there are skeins missing, all the ones I got are in greens and blues while the sweater has lots of red in it, but I was so excited when I saw it! There were also three partial skeins. All of this, plus 10 skeins of Anabel Fox Cotton in teal, for. . . wait for it. . . $16.50. I'm not kidding. I was positively giddy when I found it and trying not to let the woman behind the table see that lest she up the price on me.

I'm gonna put the shetland stuff up for KBTH members and the yarn I'll put on eBay unless someone wants it here. I'll get a pic of it up as soon as I can.


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