Scarf and Shawl

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I am almost done with a variegated purple scarf using the feather and fan pattern that everyone's working on right now. I used two skeins of wool and for the first time in my knitting career, made the age-old mistake of forgetting to check dye lots! d'oh! The first skein is much prettier than the second, it has lighter sections and is more pinkish than bluish purple. Of course, I only realized the immense difference once I was almost done with the first skein, when I went to wind the second. So by that point I had two choices: Either rip out most of what I'd done and do some sort of 2-row jog or striping, or make the scarf half-and-half. Always a fan of the easiest alternative, I'm doing the half-and-half thing.

It actually looks ok, but now I've come upon another problem. I used every last bit of the first skein and so to make it even, I have to use all of the second skein. But really, the scarf is long enough at this point, with only half the skein used up. But I can't stop now or I'll have a scarf that's 3/4 one color and 1/4 the other. That'd look dumb. So I'm going to end up with a super-long scarf in two different shades of variegated purple. It's quite odd.

The upside is that I don't currently own a superlong scarf, so for once I'm not duplicating a scarf in my ever-growing collection. Let's see, I think I'm up to 22?

As for the shawl. . .

The Koigu Kersti that I got at Purl has turned into a garter stitch shawl per Stacia's pattern. I'm making mine a tighter gauge (size US7 needles instead of 10) and a smaller finished size, but I'm following the pattern otherwise. It's looking good, and I can't wait to make a sweater in this stuff! Though I don't particularly like the VK sweater in this yarn. I think some plain texture would be better. The yarn's beauty doesn't stand out as much in stockinette, I swatched and decided that garter or moss stitch look the best.

And in the end I ended up buying 5 skeins of the stuff. If I had bought them all at once I know I would have said, "this is too much money to spend right now". I guess the trick is to split your purchase up into sections, then you don't realize you spent $55 on yarn for a shawl you don't honestly need. ;o)

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