Blocking Day

Posted on September 29, 2003 by knittingpatterns4you | 0 Comments

I finished the shawl at work on Saturday and then managed to block it and the scarf today while doing some laundry in the Park Ridge place. The shawl stretched out to a good size, I think, though of course I still didn't try it on myself since it's layed out on the floor drying. With all the rain we're having it will probably take a day or two to fully dry.

I feel like I got so much done today, too, because I also finally moved my computer desk and computer to the new place and even set it up. Of course, I don't have a phone line or internet access at home so it's sort of pointless to even have the damn thing, but at the same time it was just collecting dust in the old place and at least now I can use it to watch DVDs in my room or something, if I ever were to feel like doing that.

Also got to swatch the Lightweight DK, it's coming it exactly at gauge of 23 sts/4" on size 5's. I seem to be knitting less tightly lately, which is very strange considering I'm not particularly relaxed recently. I can't seem to settle on a pattern for this yarn, though. The color's just a little too bright, I feel like if I make something too loose it'll look ridiculous, but something more form-fitting wouldn't work too well with merino. Actually, Heath would be perfect for this yarn, but I already made that.


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