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I got my lazy butt out of bed late to go to Stitches, but I managed to make incredible time driving there (please don't tell the state police that I was doing 80+ the whole way) so I got there just a little after 4 pm. I did get lost in AC for like 20 minutes, though, b/c the AC Convention Center's sign says "ATLANTIC CITY" in huge letters and "convention center" in teeny-tiny ones. I passed it twice.


Practically the minute I walked in, I ran into QueerJoe! He was taking a picture of a booth and I almost walked right in front of him, then I turned and though, "why do I know this guy?" He looks just like the picture on his website, we talked for a while and then I went on my shopping way.

I'll post pictures tomorrow of what I got, but suffice it to say that I did two month's worth of shopping in about three hours. I thought the market seemed smaller this year, but that may not actually be true. Lanaknits wasn't there though she was listed in the brochure, I wonder what happened to her. I did see some cool stuff, including the new Elsebeth Lavold sweater sample, but the book wasn't available at anyone's booth that I saw (ThreadBear has it in stock as of yesterday I think). The yarn felt very nice, I may be doing something w/ that.

For right now though I have way more than enough projects. This is bordering on wasteful.

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