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I am past the armhole opening on Retro Prep. I didn't have dpns w/ me when I got to that point and couldn't work the sleeve stitches on my 24" circ using the magic loop as the circ was too short, so I made an executive decision and continued on up the yoke, casting on stitches for the sleeves which I will later pick up and knit down to make the sleeves in reverse. I guess I'm about half way up the raglan decreases, I got delayed by going blindly along at the 1 dec every 3 row ratio when I should have switched to 1/2 ratio, so I had to rip probably about 2" of work and do it over. I'm about half way back to where I was when I ripped last night and should probably have the yoke finished in another night or two.

I really love this color and I think this will turn into my new favorite sweater once it's done. (not that most sweaters aren't my new favorites at one point)

Speaking of which, the Silk Road Tweed sweater needs to be lengthened. The fit is excellent but the waistline is just not in a good spot. I think I'll rip it out and add an inch this weekend.

I am so looking forward to having tomorrow off. I came in on my other day off (yesterday), as usual and I'm kind of burned out. I worked 13 hours of overtime over the last payperiod! No wonder I feel like I never leave this place. On a better note, I got promoted yesterday onto a different team within the same area. Of course no raise, but I didn't really expect one since no one else has gotten one and I know these are not the best of times for our industry. All the same I'm happy to be promoted! And after not even 3 months here.

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November 25, 2003

Congrats on the promotion!

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