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Check out this site I found through Girlreaction: fo_knits. She has these great images that if you roll over will display what the project is (tip: let the page fully load before mousing-over the image). V cool idea.

I finished Retro Prep's body and the neckline, but I still have to make the sleeves. In typical fashion, since that's all that's left, I've moved on to another project and don't know when the sleeves will be done. I'm instead working on a shawl for my supervisor at work, who keeps whinning that I haven't knit her anything yet. So I finally started a purple shawl for her, using the Gaelic Aran yarn I got last year from the Webs grab bag sale. She likes the color and it's machine washable so that's pretty perfect. The shawl is such a mindless knit that lots of it gets done at work -- damn I love this headset.

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November 25, 2003

Ivete, I’d love to see pictures of Retro Prep. I’m not sure where this pattern came from, but it sounds interesting. Whenever you get a chanceto post a pic, please do so. Oh, and happy Belated Birthday.

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