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We all ended up leaving work early yesterday since it was so ridiculously dead, and I went out with some friends and shot darts again. Why do I do this to my wrist? I mean, it's fun shooting darts w/ your buddies in a bar, but I'm pretty sure I'd rather have healthy wrists to knit with. And even though I know it kills my wrist to play, I still do it. And the next morning I whine that my wrist hurts. Again.


Succeeded in picking up and knitting down the stitches on the green Silk Road Tweed sweater, and have a few rows reknit on it. I should have this done today or tomorrow and then I plan on actually wearing the thing. Woo! Actually, in the grand scheme of how long it usually takes from yarn to wearing, this is pretty good for me. I bought the yarn sometime this spring/summer, so that's less than a year turnaround time. Nice.

I already have my next Silk Road Tweed sweater planned, this time for the purple I bought @ Knit & Stitch. However, the design I'm thinking of will likely take more yarn than this one took, and I based my purchase of 9 balls on this sweater. So now I'm thinking I'll have to knit the design I have planned out in something else and use the purple SRT in something simpler/less yardage intensive. Which is fine since I have that wool/cashmere on its way to me, and that would work well for the intended design too.

Anyway. Too many projects. Not enough pain-free time!

Work's dead again today and I'm leaving an hour early. Next week I'm only working Tuesday & Wednesday since I'm going to CALIFORNIA! WOOHOO! So happy! Anyone in the LA area want to get together? I'll be staying in West Hollywood w/ a friend who works at USC, we're planning on seeing the game on Saturday and he's already agreed to take me to at least one yarn shop (he just doesn't know it yet). I'll only be there for 3.5 days but it's the first trip I've taken since New Year's last year. I'm totally excited.

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