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I'm sick again. Now I have a head cold and currently feel like I'm in an airplane. In the grand scheme of sickness this isn't terrible, but I could do without it, thankyouverymuch.

Finished the "back" part of SOA and am a few repeats into the "front" part. It's beyond dead again at work today so I should get tons of knitting done. I even brought an extra skein in just in case I finish this one, but then I just remembered that I forgot my pattern, so I'll have to look up the sleeve instructions online if I get that far. Whatever, I'm not worrying about it right now.

I'm really enjoying knitting this sweater, and I am even more excited about the prospect of wearing it. It seems like it'll be the perfect "I don't feel good and need something comforting to wear" sweater.

I got my Threadbear order this week, too. I am officially disgusted with how much yarn I own. (huh, watch me give some away? NOT A CHANCE) I was looking for something the other day and kept going "Oh yeah, I forgot about that yarn. .." repeatedly. I am not joining the official yarn diet b/c I know if I do, it'll just mean that something I can't resist pops up on my screen the next day. Instead, I'm going to try to adopt a finishing phase and see how far I can get on those couldbefinishedifijustfinisheditalready projects.

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January 06, 2004

I want to see your stash! Oh, please – take a picture and post it! If you want to see mine first, check out my Dec 28 entry.

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