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Started ripping out ribbie today, I have about half of it ripped out and rehanked. I rip using my winder so that instead of getting a pile of crimped yarn to untangle and THEN wind, I just end up with a small ball of yarn, which I then hank with my swift. It's sort of a speed-streamlined process for what is really already very easy, but kind of messy.Anyway, playing with this yarn just reminds me of how much I love it. Can't wait to reknit it!

But I can't work on personal projects right now b/c I'm working on the Knitty book project nonstop until it's done. I'm about half-way done at this point. . . then it's back to SOA. Maybe.

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January 08, 2004

Go, Ivete! I’m spending the next few days working up the courage to tackle my ribby. Thanks for sharing the pics of your ripping. That yarn is going to be so fabulous in a different sweater.


January 07, 2004

I’ll be ripping right along with you all. I’m glad you posted about ripping using the winder- I’ve got an entire jacket to rip (and a toddler, and a cat), so this might be an easier way. I can put the little one to work cranking up the winder!

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