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Bought more yarn today (shocker!). I got KPPM & Kersti to make some projects I've been planning out . . . went to the city and got them at Purl, which really is a lovely shop. When I got there they were upacking a huge shipment of Manos's new cotton yarn which is a textured kettle dyed 100% cotton and very nice looking, with a great hand. I would probably have bought some except the colors are a little too wild for me, mostly very bright shades of turquoise, magenta, lilac, etc.

The rain means that all the snow is melting, the city was kind of crazy with all the melting slush and people driving like they're possessed. But going yarn shopping is always worth it.

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February 04, 2004

I am thinking about using the Mission Falls 1824 rogue. Now that you are well into the sweater, do you still think it is a good choice?

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