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So today as I'm driving to a yarn shop I've never been to in Cliffside Park, to do the afore-mentioned trolling for Rogue yarn, the check engine light came on in my car. Now, my car is almost 4 years old but has 63,000+ miles on it. What I know about cars would fit in a thimble. I try to remember to get oil changes regularly, but that's about as much effort as my poor beat up Echo gets. SO. When the light came on I called the boy, who is into cars, and asked him if I should go immediately to a mechanic. He said I probably had a 50/50 chance that it was nothing or something really bad.

So I turned around and went to the place I go to get my oil changed (which I was a few thousand miles overdue for anyway). And they didn't have a wait, so I was like, let's go with the oil change, and oh, can you please plug in your thingie that tells you why my check engine light is on? Thanks!

A few hours and a few hundred dollars later, the yarn shop is a distant dream yet again. The light was caused by the fuel injectors, in case you care. But the money I would have spent at the yarn shop is now gone.

Which means I better find something else to knit.

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