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Nice! There's a new online mag on the block! My fav of the patterns is definitely Sassy, which is eerily similar to a tube top pattern I've been working on except for the stripes. . .

This is one of the millions of patterns that I will keep around forever as inspiration/guidance but will never actually make for myself. Why? Cuz my boobs and that top just don't go together. The sideways garter will stretch where it should stretch and therefore will accomodate my size, but if you've ever seen someone wearing a vertically-striped item that stretches over her boobs, you know that it is not exactly a flattering look. The tube top pattern I'm working on has more fabric to cover the boobage region -- the front is larger than the back so that the fabric won't stretch over the key regions. ;o) When/if I finish it I'll post it.

Picked up the knitting again, slowly. I think what killed me this time was the baby sweater for the boy's nephew. Size 3 needles = 250+ sts, and I knit too much on that at once in one week. I'm more used to the size 6-8 gauge items and while I never had this severe a reaction to small gauge before, maybe it's the yarn and gauge combo together. I can knits socks on size 1's until the cows come home, but aparently size 3's and Cashmerino Baby are worse on my wrists. Who knew?

Anyway, what I picked up is another one of those easy garter stitch shawls like the one I made in Kersti. I'm using the cashmere blend that was dirt cheap off Webs, and size 8 needles, and I already have three repeats done. This is another one of those patterns where you start at the center neck & work out, so it get slower & slower, but it's such a mindless knit with such good results, it's worth the slow process.

This yarn is very slubby but it washes up really soft. I'm making this shawl for my Dad's secretary and she requested black. . . have I mentioned I hate knitting with black? I do. Hopefully I'll get this out of the way before she retires. . . it was promised to her over a year ago. :::shame on me:::

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