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So we can add the Toyota dealership in Ramsey, NJ, to the list of places I've knit in public. Spent 2 hours in the waiting room today while that check engine light was finally figured out as a dirty MAF sensor (no, I have no idea what that means).

While working away on the shawl for my Dad's secretary, an older man said to me, "wow you knit fast, when my wife does it she goes like this" and demonstrates British style knitting. So we got into a conversation about the different kinds of knitting, and he told me has sweaters she made for him 40 years ago. He took her shopping to the yarn shop I usually go to last week, which is funny cuz I was there last week, too. And when we were talking, the woman on the other side of me jumped in to say that she works in a Rag Shop and that yarn sales have been through the roof the last few years. . .

It's incredible the people you meet just cuz you knit. Last week @ the Social Security office I was knitting while waiting in line and met a wonderful Brazilian woman, I ended up taking to her for 45 minutes in both English & Portuguese. It was amazing.

I'm almost done withe the black shawl. I missed the Oscars b/c I was working, but I'll be watching the tape of it sometime this week, and that's guaranteed knitting time right there. I'm so glad the weather's been better that everything else seems better, too!

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March 02, 2004

Useful info you never wanted to know: a MAF is a “Mass Air Flow” sensor. Your car uses a MAF to determine how much air the engine is breathing, and uses that to determine how much fuel to use. A dirty MAF can lead to a car having trouble starting or running rough and will likely cause that annoying red light to come on and remind you that something’s wrong with your car, even though it’s still running. Cars are just another hobby for this nutty knitter :-)


March 03, 2004

Isn’t it remarkable how encouraging an improvement in the weather is? Happy Oscar knitting, it was good for a half sock for me.

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March 09, 2004

a knitting site ! cool !
the first time i knitted “in public” people were incredulous, "YOU can knit !!!!

i picked up a knitting project that has not been worked on in two years and i cannot remember how to do one of the cable stitches. any idea were i would be able to get someone to refresh “m’ brain” ?

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