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What is it about spring(like) weather that makes one itch?

I have a newfound desire to work out. What the heck is up with that??? I hate working out. But due to the breakup I have already lost weight (if I'm really upset I can't eat), and now I'm feeling flabby whereas before I felt a bit bloated. It's like I deflated. I cancelled my gym membership when it was up in December b/c I never went. Why is it you can't join the gym for only one month at a time? I want to join again but I know how I am, I won't keep at it, and I hate spending money on something I don't use.

I've been doing yoga on my own but I do more poses and work at it longer if I'm in a class with others. And now that the weather is nice I can take the dog on long walks again, that should help.

I finished Charlotte's Web, pictures tomorrow hopefully (lent my digicam to a coworker who's probably going to buy it from me). I LOVE it. It's beautiful. Must make more.

My ex's sister, who I was friends with in HS, is having a baby next month so I've been working on a blanket as a gift. Then during my shift on Friday I finished up the green Regia Ringel sock for me and had TONS of yarn left over, so I used it to make baby socks using this pattern -- 2 hours per sock is awesome, and they are SO.CUTE. The blanket is about 3/4 done, should have it finished tonight.

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gwen aka tllgrrl
gwen aka tllgrrl

April 07, 2004

spring makes me itch to be outside because i’ve spent the winter being inside away from the cold.

i know what you mean about taking classes.
i think it’s because of my dance background, but i’m definitely motivated by being in a classroom situation…where there are other people in the same hell that i’m in!
: )

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