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OK, add this one to the "I hate stupid paternwriting" list:

I'm working on Salt Peanuts, on the first front piece. After the armhole shaping instructions, it tells you to at the same time when entire piece measures 16 1/4 inches, to start reverse collar patt. . .

HOW STUPID is this? First off, who's gonna think to read that far ahead (the at the same time part is 4 lines below), and measure from the bottom edge when calculating for the NECK shaping?? AND -- if, like me, you're making your garment shorter in the waist, you can't quickly figure out where to start that shaping, b/c you're supposed to measure the whole thing.

WHY couldn't they just write "after 1" of armhole start the shaping"????

Result of this: I'm ripping out 6 perfectly good inches of knitting.


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May 01, 2004

Oh, I’m so sorry. You got bitten by one of the oldest tricks in the book. The “at the same time” trick. That smarts eh? Never let your guard down lady, it’s a jungle out there.


May 03, 2004

French patterns read exactly that way, so I’m used to it and do not consider it stupid pattern writing. I hate row by row instructions. I always skim through the pattern once, and use my row gauge to calculate those types of “when piece measures x amount of cm/inches do this” portions of the pattern.

On another note, I just came in from it looks like an interesting venture. Love the concept. With you editing and Liz designing, it’s going to be something else. I’m keeping my eye on this one!


May 01, 2004

Jen over at just posted her detailed notes on the Salt Peanuts front pattern… I am just starting to tackle the left front, and she had a heck of a time with it.

If you are worried about those short rows (eek, I know I am), her notes are here:

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