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This is the result of two sales in the last month. From left to right:
Baby blue Dale Free Style for Rogue; dark blue Classic Elite Zelda; pale blue Berroco Denim Silk for the cover tank top from the new Vogue; gray Cascade 220; magenta Aurora 8 from Karabella; and pale blue Jaeger Luxury Tweed. (yes I appear to be joining Alison in her "blue period")

My favorite part of this loot is the magenta Aurora 8, because it matches a new halter top I got from my sister:

[image removed]

[image removed]

sorry about the headless shot, I look TERRIBLE in this picture

The photos aren't really true colors (of course, since I suck at taking digial photos and have no editing programs), the yarn ball is closer to the real thing. The colors are almost identical, with the yarn being slightly bluer in tone and the top being slightly more orange. I can't wait to make a cardigan and have a matching set!

Bonne Marie was recently talking about looking for magenta yarn . . . anyone in the NYC suburbs area, head on over to the Knitting Basket yarn shop in Fort Lee. They're closing (boo!) so everything is 30-40% off, with Balene needles 50% off. There's not THAT much selection, but you can still get Manos, Cascade 220, and there's more Aurora 8 (though I bought all the magenta). They have to be out of the store by the end of the month, so hurry up! They're located in the little Abbott shopping area, which is off Palisades Ave.

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May 06, 2004

Nice loot of fiber you have there! I love the Aurora 8. Love it. Sexy halter, too. Go, Ivete!

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