Project Rundown

Posted on May 18, 2004 by knittingpatterns4you | 1 Comment

Here's a status report for my own purposes:

Salt Peanuts: Done but still has some ends to weave in and blocking to do.
Green Davos Pullover: Done but all the ends need to be woven in.
Denim Silk tank top: Ripped out and restarted, winging the pattern. About 10% complete now.
Charlotte's Web #2: Stalled until I get another skein of Koigu that goes with the current color scheme.
SOA: 90% done and may never be finished b/c I kind of hate it. We'll see.
Rogue #2: Started one sleeve. Doesn't really count, does it?
Black shawl: Done and gifted away.
Baby blanket for Daniel: Done and gifted.
Baby sweater that would have been for Daniel: Stalled cuz it hurts my wrists a lot. The yoke and one sleeve are done.

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May 21, 2004

i don’t even want to list my projects. i’m pretending right now that i only have charlotte. speaking of which, do you have a picture of your first one? i’d love to see it. :)

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