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I have had a migraine all day long, and I severely wore out my hands on Saturday so now they hurt like hell. I'm in SO MUCH pain right now I'm seeing spots.

I was knitting the baby booties from the cover of the 50 Baby Booties to Knit book -- damn are these things cute! But I'm using plain ol' cotton that has no GIVE, and small needles that are really too short for the project. These factors combined to give me what I am convinced is tendonitis in both thumbs. I woke up today to my hands being numb from the pinkies across the palms, that NEVER happens as a result of carpal tunnel, which affects every finger BUT the pinky.

I'm on a one-week hiatus from knitting, for my own good.

We're closing on Thursday, hopefully!! WOOO!!! And I got the holiday weekend off! DOUBLE WOO!!! Though I do have to work on Monday, but it's holiday pay. ;o)

I just wish I weren't in pain.

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