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[image removed]

That, folks, is a picture of my new yarn closet! As of Tuesday's closing, I am now the proud (part) owner of our new condo! Click on the picture to see more shots of the new place if you like (I'll be logging on later today to add captions to the images).

I'm so happy I could burst! Not that the idea of yet another move doesn't have my stomach in knots, because it does, but at least this time it's a move that I'm positively, utterly ecstatic about!

And in the new place, I'm going to set up my sewing machine (and perhaps one of the knitting machines) permanently, so that I actually get stuff DONE and finished. I have my own bathroom so no one can whine if there's yarn hanging in the shower to dry, I'm going back to a high-speed internet connection so I can post more pictures and get more work done on Chiagu . . .

This is good!!!!!!!!

Happy holiday weekend everyone!!

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July 06, 2004

Congrats on the condo! As a new homeowner (condo as well) myself, I can feel your excitement! That’s awesome and I totally love your yarn closet!! Not so much do I have one that big!!


July 07, 2004

The condo looks absolutely fantastic!

We need to see another picture of the yarn closet, but this time being used. WOO HOO! That’s so cool. I need one…


July 04, 2004

happy house warming!!!
: )


July 05, 2004

Congrats to you! I’m thinking halfway about getting into the market, but it’s just soooo terrifying to consider, esp. in the Bay Area… I love that corner of the living room! Amazing! You go, girl!

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