Life is so strange.

Posted on August 19, 2004 by knittingpatterns4you | 1 Comment

In the last 2 weeks I've experienced a ton of drama, weird coincidences, lots of (mostly positive) stress, and what was supposed to be a vacation. I got offered a promotion at my old job in order to try to keep me, but they didn't match the pay I asked for so I turned them down. Tomorrow's my last day!

Prime weird coincidences example:
Two Friday's ago I left work early and came home, ran upstairs to change shoes, and went to the grocery store. When I came back I decided to check my mail and therefore went into the front entrance of the building, which I never do.

As I put my key into the door, I hear two women frantically calling "miss miss excuse me" in Spanish. I hear them but know they can't be talking to me. I get the door open and they start yelling, so I turn around and ask if they're talking to me. There on my sidewalk were two tiny Latin grandmas, asking me if I knew where the pizza place is. I tell them it's up the road before the first light, on the left. They're freaking out b/c one of their granddaughters is working at the pizza place, and they know she leaves in 10 minutes. They said they'd been up and down the street and couldn't find this place. I assured them that if they walked up they would find it on the left, if they got to the light they'd gone too far.

They were freaking out so much that I said, "do you want me to go with you?" expecting them to say no, but they said "oh yes, thank you so much," so off I go with these two little old ladies up the block, still carrying my groceries. The one who's granddaughter it is used my cell to call her to tell her they were coming, and as we're walking up the street they're telling me that they were worried b/c it was so late and she's so young, and they're telling me all about themselves.

We get to the pizza place and I say goodbye and walk back to my place.

Now, the amount of things that had to happen in order for me to be putting my key into the door at that exact moment are just mind boggling!

First, I normally would have still been at work at that time. I never walk into the front door, and if I had walked into the garage door they wouldn't have been able to see me. And even having left work early, had I not needed to buy milk for the next day, I would have been sitting in front of my computer by then. And, what are the chances that they didn't speak almost any english but did speak a language I speak?!?!

It still boggles my mind.

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August 21, 2004

Congratulations on the new job and on those great pink shoes. I gather that the yarn-related part of the job that requires gorgeous new shoes does not include sheep shearing, hours of spinning or dye vats !!! Let us know the deets when you can.

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