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From the "what the heck is that" category of progress photos, I give you:


Click for cable detail shot.My Kashmir shrug, after I got to the end of the 4th (and what I thought would be final) ball. I absolutely LOVE this yarn, it's even softer than 100% cashmere because of the silk content, since it's so smooth. Too bad it's gonna take 5 balls to finish, since each is $25. I think people will make it anyway, though.

This is what it will look like when it's done. The pattern is in the latest Filatura pattern book, and was also reprinted in the newest Vogue (Holiday 04). The pattern in Vogue is at the way back. Originally it was worked up in Zara using two strands for the cuffs and a single strand for the main part, I did one strand of Kashmir throughout and made the larger size. I can't wait to wear it over my cashmere tank top, love multi-season fashion!


Besides the shrug, I'm working on a first for me, a poncho! Everyone is so into ponchos this season, it's the knitter's new scarf. This is my own design, probably will be a free one at Chiagu once we launch. I'm making it in Crystal Palace Merino Frappe, which is also delightful to work with. The knitted fabric feels like a cloud due to the yarn's construction. The poncho will have a dramatic cowl neck and be fitted, elbow length and have a straight bottom edge when it's finished. This image shows the cowl and the shoulders. Oh, did I mention it's all one piece, absolutely no finishing? That's my kind of project!

In my next post I will show you my tiny Stitches haul, but in the meantime, here's a shot of the project I took with me to work on during the bus ride.


Click to see a bigger version (warning: big file). The colors aren't accurate -- the pale blue is really lavender, and the reddish is really magenta. These colors were the clearanced colors of Sinful, so I bought them all and ended up with this idea for a diagonal-striped stole. I'm about halfway done, having worked on it only during the bus ride and then put it aside. I refuse to keep going until I've woven in the ends so far, cuz I know me, and if I leave them all until the end I will never, ever do it. And, being me, since I set the rule that I cannot keep knitting until I weave in the ends, I haven't knit, but I also haven't woven in the ends. Convenient, eh?

Comments reply:

Jennifer: HI! So happy to hear from you!!! About Stitches, I think that Knitters must have raised the prices for attendance a lot. Shopper-wise, there were a bunch of people, but I went on the last day during the last two hours, so I'm sure there were even more people during the other four days. The one benefit of going at the last minute is that a lot of vendors (although by no means all) have bigger discounts or specials on the last day since they don't want to haul everything home, so there was lots of stuff marked down. Still, I felt like it was a dissapointment and may not go next year. . .

To summarize . . .

I'm having a serious Startitis flameup, and there's no end in sight! Off to knit and watch my next Netflix movie. See you around!

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