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I am clearly not THAT sick, because I got tons of knitting done today. When I'm really sick I can't even knit, you know?

I did finish my poncho, and the shrug, yesterday. I'll try to take decent photos tomorrow at work (I can't stay home tomorrow, there's too much to do!). I also finished the first sleeve of my 3rd attempt at Rogue, I'm getting gauge perfectly and I think maybe 3rd time's the charm with this one. To tell the truth, I can't believe I'm even trying again, but I really really want this sweater! The yarn I'm using now is Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed, which is not at all soft to knit with (says the girl who's been knitting cashmere shop samples for 2 months!), but it does soften up significantly after washing. Knitting with it is a bit hard on the hands, so I have to pace myself.

I also started a sleeve of this Adrienne Vittadini sweater from the Fall 04 pattern book. I'm doing mine in Aurora 8 though, in magenta, and I really am enjoying the lace pattern. I am probably going to have to alter the front to have the lace start higher up, though, since I do have lots of real estate in that area of my body. The lace as written would probably make an inapropriate work sweater for me. ;o) I'm thinking of adding short rows, too. We'll see. Sleeves first.

Speaking of which, you may have noticed the "sleeves first" phenomenon. This is a relatively new policy of mine, which accomplishes two goals: I can be lazy and not make a swatch (I cast on for the sleeve in the needle I believe I will need, then if it's right I keep going, if it's wrong I rip it out and start again, not more work than swatching), AND I don't end up with a sweater with a sleeve missing (which may or may not be something that used to happen to me A LOT).


If you're in NYC and interested in Prism stuff, come on up the 6 to String, we just got a Prism trunk show. The most amazing thing I saw is that Prism has started handpainting Kashmir yarn and the colors are incredible. Tomorrow I'll be arranging the trunk show on the "cashmere wall," because we just don't have enough room in the store to add anything else without displacing something.

Random blog comment:

I checked my site referrers today and noticed a LOT of bloglines referrals. I guess this is the new blogging revolution, huh? No one uses their links lists anymore, they check blog feeds and click through if there's something that catches their eye? I'm behind the times! The bad part of this is that I used to find new blogs to read by clicking through to blogs that had led people here . . .

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October 28, 2004

I love Bloglines and have WAY many more links there than I ever did on my sidebar (it’s so easy to add them). So, I read more blogs, but don’t waste time checking where there are no updates. I have found new blogs, obviously, but I wish the Bloglines referral link was more specific about who’s actually visiting.

Hope you’re feeling better!


October 27, 2004

I LOVE that Vittadini sweater – I’ve been thinking about making it also. I hadn’t thought of using Aurora 8. Looking forward to seeing how yours comes out. You also remind me that I should get back to my Rogue… I have to rip out the hood shaping, which was a disaster for me.

BTW, what days do you work at String? And how long will the trunk show be there?

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