It's gonna be a long night!

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When I got back to Jersey after work tonight, I went straight to a local public school to vote!

I became a US citizen in August so this is the first time I've been able to vote (if you've been reading my site for long, you will probably remember I've mentioned this before!). I have to say that it was uneventful, and my polling place was completely empty of voters at 30 minutes before closing time. My friends who voted in NYC had to wait as long as 2 hours to vote! Now we can wait to find out the results.

What am I doing as I watch the TV?



I made this scarf today from trunk show yarn. It's Prism Surf, which doesn't have a natural fiber in it but is SO SOFT (100% nylon if you're wondering). One of our customers made a scarf in this and I just had to do it, but since I'm not allowed to make myself any more scarves (I own about 40 of them), this one is for my sister.

This colorway is Tapestry, and in real life the purple is darker and the orangy is tan (impossible to photograph). 2 skeins makes a scarf that is 6" wide and 4 feet long, just perfect for a "shorter" scarf. My sister's gonna love it. And if she doesn't, I'll keep it (it's ok to add to my scarf collection as long as it wasn't intentional).

Size 13 needles, 15 sts, garter stitch all the way, done in 2 hours. We have more of this in stock in a few colors, if you are interested! It's $20 a skein, we'll only have it for this week.

Here's a closeup of the fuzzy soft glory:



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November 03, 2004

Hi, Ivette,
I’m coming up to NYC the weekend of the 13th. Was wondering what knit shop you work in, if it’s open Sat. and/or Sun. and if you might be working that weekend. Would love to visit. Thanks!
P.S. Yummy scarf!

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