BRRR, it's cold out there!

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The news said it was going to be cold so I wore my WINTER winter coat (aside: how many coat/jacket levels is too many? I have 5 coat levels, not counting sweaters-as-coats, and I'm probably going to buy an even warmer coat now that I'm commuting. Part of me feels crazy, part of me is impressed I actually have more than one coat!) and I was still FROZEN by the time I walked the 6 blocks to work this morning. It seems like the city is always a few degrees different than the suburbs somehow, and there are such wind tunnels between the buildings!

And with the end of our too-short fall comes the perfect season for knitting. The only problem I have with this is that my work is over-heated to such a degree, that I have to wear a t-shirt! I show up every day, take off my coat, and then take off my sweater. We don't have our own thermostat and are therefore completely powerless to make it cooler in there (other than pathetic attempts to circulate cold air by propping the door open). Normally I would rather be hot than cold, no question about it, but if it's too hot to wear sweaters? In WINTER? I'm a knitter!!! My sweaters are, to be only a little over-dramatic, my life! What's a girl to do?

Why, knit lighter sweaters, of course!

Like I need another knitting project.

Want Ad time!

Part time sales -- String is looking for a part time sales helper. We need someone who knows how to knit, has sales experience, is computer-literate, and who is a warm "people person." It would be 10-30 hours per week, and includes an employee discount. Must be available Saturdays. Please email us if you're interested!

Finishing -- String is also in need of finishing help. The person must be able to come to the store to pick up and drop off projects, must have impeccable finishing skills, and must be reliable. To apply, please drop by the store with samples of your finished knitting so we can see your handiwork. You will have the freedom to choose how much work you take, and will be paid on a per-piece basis. Of course, if you have any questions, email us!

And if you're reading this and can think of anyone to recommend to us, let me know!

Friends is on, gotta run!

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November 16, 2004


I have another question on that diagonal garter stitch scarf you posted about on October 5. To create it, do you just decrease one stitch on one end and increase a stitch on the other end of each row?

I would love to make myself a scarf like that and would be interested in knowing how you did it.

Thank you,

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